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            As the summer Crested Butte Magazine hits the stands and the website, I find myself mentally chewing on two other events: the funeral service for Richard Rozman set for next Tuesday (May 26) and high school graduation the following weekend. In my mind, the thread that connects the three is community.

            How shocking to say farewell to Richard Rozman, 71, whose good heart touched many lives as father, husband, brother, water commissioner, fourth-generation rancher, teacher and long-time owner-operator of Rozman’s Motor Lodge.

            Amid the sadness, I also see beauty: the people who sprang into action to try to save Richard’s life after his car accident last Thursday and the many, many people gathering around the family now to help them through this time.

            Next weekend’s high school graduation ceremony seems like the opposite end of the spectrum – the celebration of a passage into the great wide world. Crested Butte typically hosts the world’s best graduation ceremonies, personal and touching and funny, and people flood the audience to watch our seniors get ready to fly from the nest. As much as our young people might chafe under the scrutiny of growing up in a small town, they are also valued and supported here.

            As I look over the Crested Butte Magazine fresh off the press, I realize I’ve written for this publication since I was a pretty new college graduate set loose on the world. Now I’m only a decade away from Richard’s age. I’ve seen a lot of Crested Butte memorial services, graduation ceremonies and magazine issues. Each one is special and unique, but each highlights the kinship of a shared place.

            Almost four-dozen people contributed their words, images and talents to this issue: retirees, new moms, rock climbers, resort executives, ranchers, photographers, artists and biologists. As in raising our children and holding together in times of sadness, this magazine is a collective endeavor. As diverse as our voices and lenses may be, they come together in this issue as a gift to our community.