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Bear in the Lake


posted by Sandy Fails Comments: 0 comments

            When my friend Karen and her family visited from Houston a few summers ago, we headed out to find a perfect picnic spot. As we piled out of the car near Meridian Lake, something big and brown lumbered along the road toward us. A bear. We watched as it turned and ambled down the slope, paddled across the lake and sauntered up the far hillside, all within a stone’s throw of our viewpoint on the spillway. Even the kids stood silenced by the spectacle.

            A few months later, a package arrived at my house. From the box I unfolded a beautiful, small quilt with a cloth label: “Bear in the Lake. Made for Sandy by Karen Hastings.” Karen had put together several different patterns to create the quilt: a center design symbolizing a lake, repeating squares formed with geometric bear paw shapes, and a border of stylized mountains and trees. Blue-greens and touches of brown stood out from an earthy tan background. I loved it.

            True, I’m easily amazed. My talents do not lie in the arts and crafts realm – or “arts and craps,” as my mother once called it in a thank-you note for some monstrosity I’d made for her. I’m not sure it was a typo. I’ve done just enough crafty things to understand the patience, artistry and labor that go into the true beauties. What an honor to be the recipient of such a creation.