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Wow, it’s official: Emma Coburn is the ninth fastest women’s steeplechase runner on the planet.

            I just got back from the Majestic Theatre, where I couldn’t even get close to the door of the auditorium where Emma’s race was being shown live on the big screen. People were crammed into seats, aisles and floor space, and the rest of us crowded outside the door, craning our necks for a glimpse of the screen. Emma was, after all, our local girl, running in the steeplechase finals at the most prestigious sporting venue in the world.


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            On Tuesday morning two friends and I picked our way through the rocky heights of Teocalli Mountain past four plump and complacent ptarmigans, who scarcely stirred as we passed within easy reach of them. We saw no other humans on our Teocalli trek, just deer, hawks, chipmunks, a chubby badger, purple skypilot blooms and dark thunderclouds. As we looked down from Teo’s summit, Crested Butte and its outlying communities were just specks in the vast wilds – lush green slopes to the south and craggy, dramatic rockscapes to the north. As always, I was awed by the grandeur and immensity of our natural world and the small pocket of it that we occupy.

            The next day, a bit sore of quadriceps, I rode my bike downtown past the softball field fence with all its event banners and was awed in a different way – by all the endeavor, entertainment and opportunity we humans can pack into this small outpost of civilization.